Safely store blood and blood components in a temperature-controlled environment 

  • Blood bank refrigerators and plasma freezers designed to meet AABB requirements for the secure storage of blood products 
  • Compact flake ice machine and bin for chilling samples
  • New plasma chiller for rapidly freezing plasma to -40 C for use prior to cold storage
  • Blood bank refrigerators provide optimal conditions for maintaining blood products at 2-6C
  • Plasma freezers safely maintain frozen plasma at -30C
  • NEW Plasma chiller “blast freezes” (72) 450 mL room-temperature plasma bags to -40C in one hour
  • Digital microprocessor controller delivers precise temperature control 
  • Intuitive user interface includes security features such as continuous digital temperature monitoring, information logs and a full suite of local alarms
  • Paper chart recorder provides continuous analog temperature recording
  • Stainless steel construction offers exceptional durability and ease of cleaning
  • Solid stainless steel drawers slide out easily for product accessibility and contain spills 
  • Optional electronic access control provides additional security
  • High surface area of flake ice chills quickly and maintains samples at desired temperature
  • Flake ice holds test tubes and lab vials securely, even when ice is melting
  • Storage capacity: (72) 450 ml plasma bags
  • Angeled shelves prevent breakage of plasma bags when frozen


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