• Blower automatically opens bags for hands-free sanitary filling

  • Pedal actuated dispense directly into containers or bags

  • Fill coolers or bags in seconds

  • Adjustable bags stand accepts up to 20 lb bags and lifts off to fill coolers, containers, and carts

  • Lockable access window restricts access to ice and keeps it more sanitary

  • 425 lbs of ice per day. That's up to 17.5 lbs of ice an hour for quick recovery during busy times

  • Chewblet® ice is preferred 2:1 over cube ice

  • Slope front ice storage bins, ergonomic upright ice storage bins and sanitary gravity dispense options

  • capable of serving up to 350 employees per day

  • Symphony Plus dispensers make up to 425 lbs of ice per day – over 17.5 lbs per hour

  • compatible with several water filtration options

  • models with 12, 25, 50 and 90 lbs of ice storage

  • countertop, wall mount and freestanding models

  • the most compact footprints in the category. 12 Series is only 16.12" wide.


Ice Pro DB650 Ice Bagging Bin
Ice Pro DB1000 Ice Bagging Bin
Symphony Plus 25 and 50 Series
Symphony Plus 25 and 50 Series Freestanding
Symphony Plus 110 Series
Symphony Plus 110 Series Freestanding
Maestro Plus 425 Series Ice Machine
Upright ice storage bins
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